DC Medical is a technology commercialisation company, based in South Korea. It was founded in 2018 and introduced a unique business model known as NRDO (non-research, development only). This model involves commercialising intellectual property and working with manufacturing partners to transform existing research and technology into market-ready medical devices. 

We find and select innovative patented technologies from across the world that have global applications in the medical device market. We have a successful track record and have already secured the commercial rights to technologies developed in the UK with the National Health Service (NHS) and have set up a global clinical advisory committee composed of professors and researchers in a range of medical fields, based out of our South Korean office.

As part of our global licensing activity, we work with selected partners and invest in manufacturing facilities to realise the potential of products in our portfolio. DC Medical’s Technology Commercialisation Platform is a core element of our value proposition.

Our mission is to improve healthcare and save lives by bringing the most innovative and transformative technologies to market. We do this by leveraging our strong European connections and our base in Asia to establish relationships with the global top ten medical device companies.



Biomimetic mesh for SUI & Hernia

Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI), Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) and Hernia are surgically repaired with a medical device made of polypropylene mesh, which has been used extensively as the only widely available solution. However, during the last decade has become clear that there are unacceptable complications related to these meshes post-implantation. These complications are severe and include chronic pain, inflammation, bleeding, and in some cases, death. As a result, more than 150,000 lawsuits have been filed worldwide and the US FDA has issued a 'Boxed Warning’ or ‘Black Box Warning' (as it is commonly known) for the product. DC Medical sought to commercialise an alternative to polypropylene mesh and licensed a patented technology that has been the result of over seven years of research. Preclinical studies demonstrated that our Biomimetic product, which is mechanically complaint and has a microstructure similar to human tissue, reduces the likelihood of chronic pain and inflammation caused by the existing mesh products. We intend for Symimetic’s product to be used for the surgeries of SUI, POP and hernia. The commercial outlook is promising given that these markets are worth more than $4.5 billion USD annually, which we will tap into by initially commercialising Biomimetic Sling products for SUI surgery.
Biomimetic Mesh
DC Medical Product
Preterm birth is a major worldwide issue and presents a variety of complications. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates 15 million babies are born prematurely each year worldwide, of which approximately 1.1 million die and more than 10% of preterm new-borns are at risk of permanent physical disability, including cerebral palsy and hearing impairment. Diagnostic tools are essential because problems caused by preterm birth can be prevented or mitigated if diagnosed in time. However, the prevailing treatment, transvaginal ultrasound, has poor accuracy and is not accessible to all women. EveryBaby is a patented handheld and mobile device that provides a much more accurate and easier-to-use alternative to transvaginal ultrasound. The product uses pioneering patented technology involving a novel method of impedance spectroscopy to pick up on changes to the composition and structure of cervical tissue when a mother is nearing birth. A clinical trial involving 449 pregnant women demonstrated the diagnostic accuracy of the EveryBaby probe passes the UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines. EveryBaby is a safe and accurate alternative available at a fraction of the cost other diagnostic methods, making it especially transformational for low-income countries where the problem is often most acute. It can be used as a routine test for pregnant women to provide peace of mind and to alert clinicians if they need to take action to safe guard the health of the mother and foetus.
Preterm Diagnosis Device
DC Medical Product


Premature Birth Diagnostic Kit


Ablation Catheter for Atrial Fibrillation

CryoFix is designed to provide an ideal surgery method for “Atrial Fibrillation” (AF) treatment, a condition which affects 1.5% of the world's population. Atrial fibrillation is a common abnormal heart rhythm that occurs when the top chambers of the heart called the atria (or auricles) contract irregularly and chaotically. This can lead to a number of complications if left untreated, including stroke, dizziness, palpitations and respiratory failure. The most common surgical treatment is Ablation, which either uses heat (radiofrequency ablation) or freezing (cryoablation). Surgery has been constantly questioned for its effectiveness as patients often require multiple rounds of surgery to address the problem. CryoFix is a catheter that introduces an innovative method of 'cryofreezing' the catheter tip to the heart temporarily and effectively. Attaching the tip to the inner wall of the heart enables the catheter to be pushed outwards to perform the linear ablation. This method is more accurate and faster than the current point by point method.
Atrial Fibrillation Catheter
DC Medical Product
The organ transplant market may be growing rapidly year-on-year but the supply of organs cannot catch up with demand. This is partly due to fewer donors than are required, but also because organ transplant systems aren’t as efficient as they could be. The organ transplant process consists of four stages: extraction; donor-recipient matching; organ transfer; and transplant surgery. The donor-recipient matching process can take up to 8 hours alone, which leads to organs being discarded because of the limited storage time they can withstand before becoming unusable. The technology behind OPSL is based on many years of research at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and the University of Leeds. The focus is on developing next generation products in the field of organ transplantation and bringing them to market. OPSL was founded to revolutionise the organ preservation and transplantation market to improve patient and clinical outcomes. OPSL offers a superior preservation time compared to the current market leaders, Belzer UW solution and Custodiol HTK solution. OPSL’s first product LS-A, is a novel solution for the preservation of abdominal organs to store organs in optimal conditions. OPSL marks the commercialization of the first innovative cold storage solution in decades. The Company is hopeful for the huge benefits it will have for organ recipients.
Organ Preservation Solution
DC Medical Product


Organ Preservation Solution



Dabriel Choi


Operations Team

David Park



Technical Lead


General Manager


Technical Lead

Dr. J.H.

Technical Lead


Dr. Christopher


Sheila MacNeil


Dr. Dilly


Prof. Peter


Dr. Guy




2018 08

DC Medical Established

2018 11

Angel Investment
Attracted 560 million won

2019 01

Pre-Seed Investment
Attracted 450 million won

2019 12

Pipeline Acquisition
(IP & Researchers)

2020 01

Pipeline Acquisition
(IP & Researchers)

2020 05

OPSL Domestic License
Priority Negotiation Right

2020 07

Government R&D Project
(Scale: 500 million won)

2020 11

EveryBaby Awarded
J&J QuickFire Challenge

2018 09


Pipeline Acquisition
(IP & Researchers)

2018 12

Hernia registered IP rights

2019 12


Pipeline Acquisition
(IP & Researchers)

2019 12

Series A
Attracted 4 billion won

2020 01

Venture Company Certified

2020 02

EveryBaby selected as Dubai Government Project

(Dubai Future Foundation)
and Collaboration with the Dubai Ministry of Health

2020 08

Series A
Attracted 4.7 billion won

2021 06

EveryBaby selected Israel KSC Overseas Expansion Support Project


Korean Office
PHONE: +82 2 6953 0806
EMAIL: info@dcmedical.co.kr

#1107 - 11F, Dreamplus Gangnam, 311, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea


Gangnam Station (Subway Line 2 & Shinbundang Line)
Yangjae Station (Subway Line 3 & Shinbundang Line)

Woosung Apt. Sageori
MON-FRI 10:00 - 19:00

Dabriel Choi


  • [CEO] Operates six companies including Forence Group and StickyCath
  • [Startups] Y-Accelerator Founder [In UK]
  • [Corporate Finance] Attracted investment of Series A, B including Monese [More than 30 billion won]
  • BA, University of the Arts London

David Park

Operations Manager

  • HW and SW project operation for 10 years

  • Expert in Operations Management

Mal Jarmolowicz

OPSL Project Manager

  • Medical Technology Management at MedTech, RegenMed, Pharma

  • Experts in early stage technology development

Sabiniano Romano

Symimetic Project Manager

  • Biotransformation suitable product research and development

  • More than 7 years of research experience since the early invention

Dr. J. H.

CryoFix Project Manager

  • 5 patents related to Cardiac Ablation technology

  • Development of Cardiac Ablation System using Heat and Electricity in Medtronic

  • Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering

Dr. ChrisTOPHER Chapple

Symimetic Product Inventor
  • Current, President of the European Urology Association (EAU)
  • Current, Advisor of Sheffield Teaching Hospital
  • Current, Professor of Sheffield Hallam University
  • Current, Honorary Professor of University of Sheffield
  • Current, Coordinator of European Reference Network
  • Current, Advisor of MHRA
  • Former Guidelines Development Committee of NICE
  • Middlesex University School of Medicine
  • University College London 

Professor Sheila MacNeil

Symimetic Product Inventor
  • Current, Professor of Tissue Engineering, University of Sheffield
  • Former Professor of Tissue Engineering, Northern General Hospital Trust
  • Former Director of the Kidney Research Foundation
  • Former CellTran R & D Director, Sheffield University Spinout Company
  • Former Meadowbank Medical Engineering Technology Consulting Director
  • Authored over 300 papers in tissue engineering
  • Ph.D., University of Sheffield
  • Bachelor, University of Aberdeen

Dr. Dilly Anumba

Everybaby Inventor
  • Current, Advisors Doctors and Professors at University of Sheffield Gynecology
  • Current, Vice President, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG)
  • Author of over 20 papers in preterm birth and fetal development
  • Ph.D., University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  • Medicine, University of Benin

Prof. Peter Lodge

OPSL Inventor

Dr. Guy Haywood

CryoFix Inventor